Welcome to Natural Disasters and Us.

This wiki was created to enable classes to work together to learn about geography through the lens of natural disasters. This project is open to any who wish to duplicate the work. This wiki provides resources, workspaces, and links to connections in order to complete your assignment.

The projects on the project pages were created by two fifth grade classes - Mrs. Parisi's class in New York and Mrs. Román's class in Illinois. The children used Google docs, Skype, and Edmodo to communicate and collaborate.

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Essential Question:

What have we learned from past natural disasters? How has this learning helped civilization?

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You will work in groups. Each group will be assigned a natural disaster. Your group will research your assigned natural disaster and answer the essential questions related to the assigned topic, as well as the project essential question above.

This wiki was created by Lisa Parisi and Donna Román. You can contact them at lparisi@herricks.org and droman@geneva304.org for more information.